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The Simple Master

The Simple Master - Allowing & AND

There are three simple principles for living the life of mastery: Allowing, And, and Death.Allowing” does not mean being passive, but rather accepting everything that is happening within and assuming it is all serving you. “And” is opening up to the many levels of reality, and understanding it is all true at the same time. Rather than the end of physical life, conscious “death” is the freedom of ending the cycles of lifetimes and can be experienced here and now. This “embodied death” deeply changes one’s trust in self and path into Realization. Adamus discusses the ‘un’ of reality, explaining why changes and creations in the physical world seem to manifest so slowly and how to accelerate them by moving beyond duality. He also explains how to go beyond living as a local-linear human and bring every part of reality into the And of Realization, the long-desired reunion with Self.

Adamus also talks about the sense of Truth, power games – with a tangible experience of what power “sounds like” – and, again and again, focuses on the Allowing that brings it all together in the And. In a memorable segment of more Adamus physics, he explains what the And really is and how everything – past lives, future lives, all of your potentials – come together in the circle of the I Am. The reason you’re here in this Time of Machines is to radiate potentials and illuminate consciousness through your own personal Allowing, integration and freedom.

The Simple Master – Allowing & And contains essential teachings for continuing to live in this physical reality as both a human and Master. This sacred and transformational presentation includes several merabhs, deep experiences to help one integrate the insights and information shared by Adamus Saint-Germain.

Simple Master sessions  

1 – Wisdom Gathering (1:11:28) 
Realization is easy, but the human makes it hard. The Master is already here, but not what the human expected. Death is a very important element, it means “to leave” and “to grow.” Every Ascended Master has had a death experience. A very important question – Do you choose to stay? – is followed by a merabh of wisdom-gathering. 

2 – The Observant Master (1:14:48)
Masters before you had struggle, challenge and difficulty. For you it can be simple and easy. Audience interaction about being an observer, both of others and of yourself. 

3 – Redefining Death (39:32)
Adamus: “Death is my friend, she freed me.” Death is about releasing and going beyond the cycles of incarnations. We are redefining death, moving the point of death from the end of life to now, and allowing freedom. In the nerabh of new death, you allow the old to die away and allow this embodied death to serve you. 

4 – Consciousness, Energy and Allowing (1:14:00)
Consciousness requires no energy; it is the maker of energy. As you allow the death of the limited self, the way you work with energy will change. If you want more energy, check your psychology and come back to the “I Exist.” Assume the energy will be there and that things will work out. Includes a merabh for allowing change, bringing in the wisdom, and allowing the Master. 

5 – Power (57:54)
Allowing is not a practice or discipline; you can so it at any time. It’s not about others, it’s about allowing you. Humans are constantly looking for energy and trying to get power. Even though it’s an illusion, it is pervasive, always there. (Audio example is played.) If you have an agenda for Allowing, you’re in a power game. 

6 – Truth (47:49)
“Power is the act of manipulating others for energy feeding.” Over the next few decades, power will be exposed for what it is. Discussion of power centers on the planet. Truth is a beautiful sense, especially after you’ve been in Focus for a long time, and there are many truths. In the merabh of Truth, the Master goes non-linear and realizes that, in the And, it is all true. 

7 – It Comes to You (31:04)
Truth and And – this is where it gets fun! Question: What will you do for the rest of your life? In the merabh, what comes next is truly magic, if you allow it. Though the human can’t even imagine it, the potentials are all there. You came here to meet yourself, now go out, enjoy life and allow. 

8 – Duality (59:11)
The mind has its own perspective; let it know that fantasy is okay. “Just imagine…” In duality, from which this reality is created, there is an opposite to everything. There is also an ‘un’ to everything. It balances the physical version, and this is key to changing reality. You are here to go beyond local-linear, but you don’t have to figure it out. It just happens. 

9 – Why You’re Here (57:48)
Allowing opens up the And, local-linear becomes a game. And is beyond duality – the student and the Master, masculine andfeminine, abundance and lack. It’s all true, just get out of your own way. You are here to radiate the light of consciousness in this Time of Machines, to radiate potentials in the development of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. In the merabh, this is your new life, Master and human. 

10 – Questions & Answers (1:07:14)
Being here now and staying on Earth – that is your true passion. Audience questions and answers. 

11 – Merabh of Allowing in the Circle (32:38)
Now is the time to integrate it all, to simply deeply allow

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