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My Emergence

Fundamental Realizations of Emergence

These are fundamental realizations, as I go into Emergence. I come back to these, visit them from time to time, because there is a tendency to forget, to forget that energy serves me, to forget that this is a natural process, to forget that it’s all about Allowing, to forget that now mind is not the voice. It is actually the voice of the I Am, the Master and the human together.

Because now I Am ready for the next big step. 

As I go now into Emergence, there are several fundamental, brilliant realizations, but things to be very aware of as I go into the next steps. These are steppingstones. These are some of the basic foundations of where I go next.

I Feel them. I allow them to be part of my realization. Allow myself to embrace and to understand them. The basic wisdoms, as I go into Emergence. (watch video below)

~ Allowing 
~ Energy 
~ Sovereignty 
~ Trinity 
~ Beyond the Past 
~ Only Now 
~ No More Hiding 
~ Completion


(Transcript in pdf)

Realization (Article from Geoffrey Hoppe, Shaumbra Magazine, February 2019)


A Special message of the Beloved St. Germain, Sept. 2018

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