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11 - Living energy

When one recognizes that energy is not an outside force, but is rather one hundred percent in service to self, it is a turning point far more important than even awakening. Indeed, understanding the relationship between consciousness and energy fulfills the very purpose of life on this planet. Allowing this paradigm shift is not easy, for it brings up ancient doubts and questions that originated long before we came to Earth. However, as humans finally begin to understand the interaction between consciousness and energy, Merlin appears, magic comes to life, and the ancient Order of the Arc begins to dismantle, its mission accomplished. When one allows energy to truly serve in every way, what comes next is absolute freedom.  

Everything in your life has an awareness of itself in service to you. To begin understanding how to work with this, Adamus explains that every physical object also exists as the “un” of itself, an expression just beyond physical reality but actually easier to connect with. It can take some time to really allow yourself to perceive energy in absolute harmony and service, but when you do, you can finally live as the Merlin, the master of energy.


1. Point of Separation (59:00)
The realization that everything is your energy is a turning point of massive proportions. Doubt is a natural and integral part of this journey, especially as the Order of the Arc dismantles. However, even that energy can serve you as a tool for clarity.

2. Energy Balance (1:08:07)
You now have the maturity to allow living energy – and true freedom – in your life. Understanding energy balance, that everything also has its “un” reality, gives you the tools to allow this profound change. In this session you can experience the freedom and absolute harmony of energy in service to you.

3. Energy Quotient (52:33)
You are changing your orientation to energy, which is a very important part of Realization. In fact, energy is the final aspect to be integrated, allowing it to become your new intelligence. Your “energy quotient” indicates how open you are to energy, and Adamus leads a merabh to truly allow this for yourself.

4. You Already Know (29:14)
Energy has no agenda; it brings what is absolutely appropriate to you, based on your consciousness. In other words, you already know what is needed. Now, simply allow it. In this beautiful merabh, Adamus helps you go beyond the human game of “I don’t know.”

5. Allowing the Change (47:36)
Energy has been realigning itself in preparation for one of the biggest Points of Separation you will ever have: changing your relationship with energy. Sink into this deep merabh and experience energy moving through you in absolute service. This is what allows you to stay on the planet as an embodied Master.

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