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4 -Sensuality

A sense is a way to perceive reality. Although humans believe that we have five senses, Adamus states that these “senses” are simply mechanisms of the true human sense of Focus. Living in embodied mastery means opening up beyond Focus to our forgotten senses, such as Unity, Imagination and – the greatest sense of all – Love. In fact, opening to true sensuality – or sensing beyond just our human perceptions – is the doorway to freedom, and Adamus helps explore some of these senses along with the beautiful musical accompaniment of Yoham. 

As angelic beings, we have more than 200,000 different senses, or ways for the I Am to perceive reality. Adamus says that each sense has its own built-in intelligence, which is the ability to perceive and experience what it has created. In order to have the experience of being human, we went deep into the sense of Focus. However, this particular sense has its own gravity, constantly pulling itself into tighter and tighter focus. At some point, the Focus gets so tight it has a meltdown, collapsing into itself and denying all other realities. Alzheimer’s and dementia often happen because someone begins going beyond the tight sense of Focus they’ve been living in.

Join Adamus and Yoham on this deep dive into the senses. It’s like opening your eyes for the first time – the world will never be quite the same!

Session 1 – The Human Sense
Sensuality is one of Adamus’ favorite topics. It is not a tool for becoming an embodied Master, but for living as one. A sense is how one perceives reality, and sensing can even make life on Earth more tolerable. Beyond the five typical “senses,” humans also have the ability to sense things like earth, water, air, gravity, electricity, magnetics light, and more. However, these are simply mechanisms of the true human sense of Focus, which puts you into a TimeSpace reality.

Session 2 – Sense Intelligence (1:23:04)
It all begins with the most basic sense, “I Exist.” Even without the body, mind and other ways of perception, you still exist. When you open up to senses beyond Focus, boredom is simply unknown. Every sense has its own innate non-mental intelligence. The mind is actually artificial intelligence, an electromagnetic chemical device that holds memories, tries to mimic true intelligence and believes it’s getting smarter. When the mind has a meltdown and the human takes SSRIs, it shuts down the other senses even more. Adamus says that truly sensual beings will bring hope to the planet, and leads a merabh of Focus.

Session 3 – Focus (0:30:57)
Adamus states that, while Focus allowed this reality to come into being and you to become a Master, it is the only sense that is not free. It is self-limiting, constantly coming into tighter and tighter focus. Part of you doesn’t want to let it go, part of you wants to be free; so you feel a conflict. He guides an experience through this conflict, helping you to feel the transition from resistance to unfolding and freedom, because sensual living is the way of the Master. 

Session 4 – The Way Out (1:01:05)
Above all other things, humans desire freedom, which is difficult to experience while trapped in Focus. Expanding beyond Focus can make you feel spacey and disoriented at first, but opening the other senses is the way out of this limited reality. Adamus says that humans try to replicate real feelings through food and sex, but true sensuality is vast, expansive, encompassing and real. It “moves through every part of you – body, mind and spirit – and it is the experience,” rather than the mind’s interpretation of the experience. He then leads a deep merabh for resetting the human senses.

Session 5 – Imagination and Unity (0:56:49)
Adamus says that every sense has its own intelligence, or the ability for that sense to know itself. He talks about the sense of Imagination, the creator sense, and how it loosens up and brings everything to life. ‘Fantasy’ and ‘reality’ start blending and “Imagination sets you free.” The sense of Unity is a favorite, for it allows you to perceive things as a whole rather than individual parts. You can see an image rather than little dots, perceive a body rather than all its particles, and hear a coherent piece of music from Yoham rather than each individual note.

Session 6 – Beauty (0:29:06)
Another favorite sense is Beauty, which could also be called Compassion, Gratitude or Acceptance, for it allows you to see the perfection and beauty of everything, everywhere. It is the acknowledgment of the “I Exist” of all things. The sense of Beauty is soft, sensual and inviting. All you need to do is allow.

Session 7 – Love (0:25:51)
Love, perhaps the greatest – and most challenging – sense of all, is a way of perceiving reality. It first came into being here on Earth, born of the deep desire to return Home, and as a result of the soul-to-soul interplay of human relationships. Now, countless beings from around creation come to Earth to experience the sense of Love. It can be elusive and painful, and one of the most real experiences you’ll ever have on this planet. Love is not an emotion and it cannot be given or taken. Love can only be experienced. Now is the time to perceive yourself through the sense of Love. It is already there, simply let yourself experience it.

Session 8 – Sensuality (0:21:03)
Sensuality originates from the I Am deep within. Now, the Master walks beyond Focus into true sensuality. This will bring great changes, but they can be smooth and graceful. Though you will tend to go back into Focus, you’ll never lose what happened here.

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