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8 - Nova Vita - Your New Life 

For those who are ready, this is the time of coming into your New Life of embodied Realization, of living now within your creation in mastery, something Adamus calls Usara (oo-sah-rah). It is a time of convergence – the gathering and integration of past lives, honoring for all you have experienced, and allowing your wisdom. It is finally time to get off the spiral of expansion and experience, go right through the center of it and dive deep into your creation. With nothing more to accomplish or strive for, the crystalline disc within will naturally bring the fulfillment of your ancient Atlantean Dream. Allow yourself to experience it fully, having tremendous compassion for your human facet and now consciously choosing the attributes of your New Life.

In Master’s Life 8 – Nova Vita, Adamus continues his landmark discussions about coming into embodied Realization. The Master’s Life series is a living documentary of Shaumbra’s transformation into Mastery. It provides an unprecedented inside view into what is happening to thousands of humans around the world as they allow their enlightenment. The series offers answers to the deepest questions that one can ask in the final experiences of their spiritual journey.

What comes after “I Am Creation” (Master’s Life 7)? It is living within your creation as a Realized Master, accepting the challenges, allowing the changes and experience the emergence! This process is unlike anything previously experienced on Earth, even by other Ascended Masters. They are watching the unfolding of this movement within you and reporting back to your angelic families. There is movement of energy in the other realms, something very different than before. Energy is changing, becoming freer and more tailored to each individual, and supporting your conscious creation.


1. Your New Life (55:00)
Nova Vita is about your New Life, which is unlike any previous lifetime or incarnation. No other group has done this before. Adamus leads a merabh of this New Life, helping you to allow the transition from the old human identity as you enter into your creation. Now is the time to simply watch it unfold. This beautiful merabh is followed by a Q&A session where he addresses some of the questions brought up by the human self. These include some of the physics of what is happening, whether this process applies to everyone, what happens to the old identity and challenges that the human might face.

2. More Questions & Answers (44:47)
Addressing even more of the human questions, Adamus talks about the crystalline disc within and how it guides the natural process of coming into Realization, much like the imaginal disc of the caterpillar guides its transformation into the butterfly. He also talks about “styling,” the constant renewal of your manifestation and experience, as well as the effect on dreams, what the human can do in this transformation, effects on the body, and more.

3. Reunion and Rebirth (42:06)
We are now moving from concepts and theories into actual experience of embodiment, and the merabh of this segment is deeply profound. At the center of the “circle of life,” you are surrounded by aspects and facets who honor and bear witness to your transformation. They integrate now, bringing only the wisdom. Life is a spiral of expansion and experience; now you get off the spiral, go through its center and emerge into your creation. Your crystalline disc has brought you to this point, to your new life of Realization. “Be free, dear ones. Be free.”

4. Convergence (56:34)
Going through this transition, initiated by the Master and the I Am, the human now simply experiences enlightenment. It is the Atlantean Dream, and a time to have tremendous compassion for the human facet. It is a time of profound convergence – don’t miss it! And don’t question it. Previous Ascended Masters did not have this dynamic; they are learning by what you’re doing, and reporting back to your angelic families. There is a new movement and understanding of energy, and delightful attributes of your new life including the disappearance of “bad habits” and “Tomorrow Anxiety,” a new sense of self and tremendous compassion for yourself and others, among other things.

5. Grounding Your New Life (26:01)
You’ve arrived in your new life, without death and without birth. Now comes experience of the New Life. In this merabh, it is simply about experiencing, allowing energies to serve you, allowing the wisdom. The new life will resemble the old, but will be very different, easier and with more flow, beauty, depth and sensuality. Allow this profound moment. Allow the physical body to release the anayatron and to accept the Free Energy body (light body). It converges in harmony, a body of living consciousness. You’re actually diving into your creation, your New Life. Simply allow.

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