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1 - Transfiguration

Enlightenment is easy. The challenge is staying embodied on the planet during and after Realization, because the adjustments are hardest on the physical body. Therefore, this first installment in the Master’s Life Series is all about the changes our biology is going through as the light body comes in. Adamus talks about the actual physics of this transformation and shares the story of the transfiguration of Yeshua, or Jesus. (“I was there, watching,” he says.) To help the trust and allowing of this natural process, he guides a profound journey of re-experiencing your very first birth into biology. Then, with this visceral understanding of physical incarnation, your rebirth into the light body becomes a much more tangible potential..

Until now, our body’s intelligence has been focused on the very narrow spectrum of energies that make up physical reality. It has learned to survive, thrive and evolve, becoming quite resilient as it rebuilds itself at every incarnation. However, within every cell a place has always been held open for a higher spectrum of energy, what we now call the light body. As this energy comes in, it opens the Master Sense, the ability to be aware on many, many different levels and realities. Going through this change presents tremendous challenges to the physical body. But, in its wisdom, our biological intelligence continues to learn and adapt as we simply allow the transfiguration of the human body.

Adamus says it is much like completely rebuilding your entire car – while you’re in it hurtling down the road at top speed. He says we’re going into polymorphosis, becoming many at the same time. It is a huge transformation, and we’re feeling it in our body tissues, organs and bones. He offers helpful reassurance of what’s going on, encourages us to trust this  natural process, and leads several profound experiences into our own personal transfiguration.

Transfiguration - Enlightening the physical body.

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Session 1 – Rebirth (1:09:03)
Adamus says that from the very beginning of our physical existence a space has been held open in every cell to receive the crystalline energies of the light body. However, as these changes take place, the body isn’t sure what’s happening, and they have very real psychological and biological effects. It is time for a whole different awareness of your body, to have a sense of freshness and a feeling of being renewed and truly alive. 

Adamus also talks about birthing into a physical body, one of the grandest miracles in all of creation, and says that we are now in the process of rebirthing ourselves. After explaining the physics of birthing, he takes listeners on an incredible journey of revisiting your very first birth into physical matter. With the intense merging, bonding and compression of energies, it is one of the most profound experiences your consciousness has ever created. And now, through the miracle of allowing, we are doing it again – rebirthing into our light body.  

Session 2 – Biological Intelligence (58:47)
In this session Adamus talks at length about the biological intelligence, the body consciousness. He says the body has learned well how to sustain and evolve itself over eons of time. It learned how to live, function, die and rebirth itself, again and again, picking up attributes from the bloodline as well as mass consciousness. According to Adamus, death is actually the intelligence of the biology giving itself a rest in order to re-collect and continue itself. 

Adamus then explains how we are at an “interphasial” stage, like water shifting from liquid to solid as it freezes. We are between phase equilibrium, only instead of going from one to another, we will now become both. Although it is a natural process, it is disconcerting to the biology because it has never experienced this pattern in any previous incarnation. In this process of rebirth, it is incredibly important to connect with the biological intelligence and let it know that all is well. At the end of this session Adamus leads an experience of reconnection and renewal. 

Session 3 – Light Body (1:11:11)
The body has found its balance over many lifetimes, but now that you are allowing in a whole new energy spectrum, everything is changing. How do you keep your balance? It is about living in the “and” and allowing, which means having such a deep trust in yourself that you allow whatever is coming. Adamus gives an invitation to truly enjoy the things you love about human life, because those are the things you’ll take with you into your enlightenment. “Love the life you have right now,” he says, “Instead of focusing on what you don’t have,” for that is what you will bring with you into the other realms. 

Adamus explains how important it is to have an understanding of your first birth into biology, because it helps you better understand what’s happening in this time of your rebirth. He then gives details about what the light body really is and how it affects your physical body as it comes in. He also explains that the physical body is feeling “out of phase” with what it has known in the past, and gives insights on you can best support yourself through this transfiguration process.  

Session 4 – Allowing (46:09)
Adamus assures us that this Transfiguration really is happening, but you must expand the senses in order to perceive it. The human is used to being on a journey, going out to explore, but now it is about realizing that the journey comes to you. 

He leads a beautiful merabh of allowing, inviting you to open the senses and allow the body’s intelligence to relax and trust. Adamus states, “What you’re really doing in allowing is coming back to your original sense of being aware.” 

Session 5 – Transfiguration (56:47)
After sharing a metaphorical story that illustrates how most humans are not really interested in true awareness, Adamus tells the touching story of Yeshua’s transfiguration. He says that Yeshua wasn’t expecting anything in that moment, but what he experienced in receiving the light body is exactly what is waiting for all those who allow. Of course, there are many challenges in this, but your expanded awareness will bring a whole new perspective to any “problems” you may have. 

Adamus then guides the listener through a profound experience of deeply allowing your own transfiguration. 

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