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New Me  

After quitting fighting mass-consciousness (alternative media, awareness-building news and politics with SOPNand finishing, for now my last and latest workshop - Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (level3) from Dr. Joe Dispenza,
I became a New Me in December 2012.

Experiencing almost totally true freedom, I started again with "Changing from the inside out", stepping out of duality (living in the Nowthere are only just experiences, there is no good or bad, unless you believe in it). 
First by finishing a document 'New Energy, New Consciousness', a summary as my reflection and therefore my essence and my truth of the gatherings, presented by the Crimson Circle featuring Adamus St. Germain.
I use it as the basis in my study and in my process, my own human evolution with regard to consciousness (which, in my opinion, is the essence of life, next to joy on a basis of freedom of course.)
These first 2 documents 'New Energy, New Consciousness', 'Freedom with 'New Energy & New Consciousness' were a starting point for this website, eventually future presentations, reflections and workshops.

July 2014, I finished my third document: 'Experiencing Enlightenment' which also reflected (in) my life, my journey.
Followed in 2015 by my fourth document 'Love & Passion', this summary is really about SelfLoveKharisma (giving Grace), Gratitude and the Kaikho (Passion as deep inner truth) for Embodied Consciousness by ‘losing’ your body, your mind and going beyond your personality… Realization

All applicable and supportive for everyone who is interested in consciously creating and following the path of natural (embodied) enlightenment, embodied consciousness or Realization and stepping into phase 2 of The Human Game.I want to support and teach by Shining Awareness (by example/Standard), by 'walking the talk', proclaiming the essence of life is Joy on a basis of Freedom. (free downloads)

Also studying aspects from Quantum Physics, The Holographic Universe, Epigenetics and Nutrigenomicsbringing the science and mystical together, and trying to make it all 'clear' to me regarding the underlaying 'theory'/science (for as far as we know yet). Together with my own truth, insights, my wisdom and knowingness and several tools from others, starting 'walking the talk' and bring it into practice for myself as embodied consciousness.

I AM already experiencing so much joy and live a blissful life by living in the NOW-moment, navigating on the core-frequency of who I really am and still expanding consciousness. Consciously creating reality by letting in and letting go of aspects and old beliefs and by staying excited and have no expectations (no details, no agenda). Just Live.

Acting in consciousness and then it's there. Letting Energy serve me. My choice for Embodied Consciousness or Realization in this lifetime without power and programs, by allowing,  trusting and letting consciousness be the guiding force in my life (full surrender).
Experiencing the Master in myself and acting as a Consciousness Pioneer. (Life is an Act of Consciousness). ⚜️

I feel the urge (as I always felt) to share all of this with others who are willing to change their life too and to support, to guide and to 'teach' them. By being a Standard, to be in vision.
And this has the potential to change this planet. As a true Consciousness Pioneer.  

Conscious Choices to a ConsciousCreation (Believing is Seeing). It’s time for Realization. To ‘Be the Change’, you Believe2C in the World. 

Because now I finally know what I want. “My passion is to shine awareness as 'teaching by example' on this planet, to 'teach' how one finds their sovereignty by choosing freedom and their path to natural (embodied) enlightenment or how to just live an easier life". And because it’s my passion, then this will work.


Experiencing and integrating my aspects in life by all-embracing compassion from my heart. Gratitude is the key for manifesting all I want... because it opens my Heart...”  #gratitude ~ As True Happiness is (just) an Inner Feeling!

Discovering and Allowing the Enlightenment and Trusting. It's Mastery or nothing! Letting that passion out, letting it come forth. 

Realization, Embodied consciousness as a New Energy Master, just passing through. Getting out of the Mind into true knowingness, into the essence. 
The Master discovers that it's all about just allowing! It's simply to live. To live... Live! ⚜️
When you live you become a Standard for others. 
When you live, you have vitality and health and abundance. 
When you live, you inspire others. 

And Live your life for the pure joy and the experience instead of to get anywhere!

All is Well (in all of Creations)!
Mastering the Art of Existence
Living is my Job and my Art. Free to be Me 

Geert Vousten ⚜️

Being a Shaumbra.

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Old Me

(2005 - 2012) - My awakening

(2012) My name is Geert Vousten and I'm living in Amersfoort, a town near Amsterdam. I live my life aware in purity and in transparency ('to be'). There were some big changes in my life, so again I focussed first on heal yourself, as I understood that it is all about my own awareness, consciousness. 

In 2005 I started my spiritual quest, learning to effectively hone my intuition based on my premonitions...  Google-ing 'effective' and 'intuition', I found a book called "De nieuwe werkelijkheid" (The New Reality) from Carolina Bont and finally it became mine also. My new reality!
I proceeded to read several books about 'wonderland'. As 'a layman' I was astonished and surprised and did not always know what was happening to me in this world of consciousness-raising, spirituality and alternative health etc..!!
All the while I was conscious that something would cross my path, something new, something different and something real...Something that I would recognize instantly..This is it!

My dear sister, sensing that the time was right, gave me a Reiki initiation, following which I completed a 2 year course of Intuitive Development and Healing at Mens & Intuïtie in Amersfoort. In that final year I discovered The Reconnection, started to get Reconnected and attended the Reconnection seminars (level I,II and III) in Antwerp. There my search ended...

So now the moment is here, I want to follow this new path - of this I have no doubt.
After my (personal) Reconnection, I became more peaceful and more conscious about most things and I knew this is it - The Reconnection!

Having a full-time (40+ hours) job I found there wasn't sufficient time to establish a healing practice. My focus was on activities like spreading the word of The Reconnection. I did some Distance Reconnective healings through Healing International and I founded Healing Nederland, a Dutch equivalent social network for like-minded people, to reach as many ‘healers’ as possible. The aim was to introduce them to The Reconnection, using the explanations and links to their website and also to give the associate Dutch Reconnection practitioners a platform to exchange experiences.

On 12th November 2008 I escorted Eric Pearl to a book-signing and presentation here in the Netherlands... With no real indications, I was already aware that this opportunity would arise after completing the Reconnective Healing seminars in Belgium (Antwerp) May 2008. I followed this up by working as a volunteer at the Reconnection seminars and at the EU Mastery Conference 2009 in Amsterdam. Now the time was right to build my own Reconnection practice and to help the Reconnection family when possible during the European seminars.
In 2010 I gained more experience during the Reconnection seminars in Riccione, Hamburg, Budapest and Antwerp conducted by Eric Pearl himself and Doug De Vito. When The Reconnection does Holland, I always will be there to assist and to feel this wonderful energy during these weekends. So also in 2011, Amsterdam and Brugge(B) and it was an honour for me to drive Eric around in Amsterdam, even if it was to buy sneakers.

In my free time I assist at lectures and workshops organized by Bliz Events with speakers like Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Annemarie Postma, Gary Renard, Bruce Lipton and Caroline Myss. I was also a volunteer at Niburu (Awareness-building news at and at where I organized the events, presentations, office management and the agenda on the website.
I even had the honor and opportunity to interview Kiesha Crowter (Little Grandmother), an amazing experience.

Mid 2011 I became aware that before talking about and spreading consciousness, you have to be it! This means starting with "Healing Yourself" and as Gandhi said "Be the Change", so one of the consequences was that I ended my regular work and relationship. Besides "Be the Change", I want to add the statement from Keisha Crowter "Be Love". I fully trusted on things that would come and within that perspective I was proceeding life without fear, fully trusting. 

In October 2011 a physical angel (M.) came on my path, and she was helping me in my awareness-building process in all facets and aspects of life. After 5 months we said goodbye and I alone proceeded with my process and my life.
The purpose of life is “to be who you really are” and had full trust by allowing life.

At Purity Events I took the workshop "Metatronic Keys and the Law of Conscious Creation" from James Tyberonn (who is channeling Metatron!!) and had also the opportunity to physically contact and spiritually connect with Max (the 13th crystal skull), one of the two extraterrestrial ones. 

In April 2012 our government in the Netherlands collapsed and after a few days of consideration, I decided to give myself completely to a national movement ‘fighting’ for a loving society disguised as a political party (SOPN). I was co-initiator in 2011 and now was the time to match my words with deeds. In 5 months we build a real ‘party’ and we conduct a real campaign.
I was board-member, spokesman and was no. 3 on the nomination for the parliamentary elections on the 12th September 2012. In despite of the fact that we didn’t get any seats in parliament, we looked back with pleasure on our achievement. The Netherlands didn’t have enough awareness yet to join us and build together a loving society.  

Following the workshop "Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself" level I /II and III from Joe Dispenza end of September and November 2012 brought me a “New Me" and was an extraordinary practical extension on the philosophy of the Crimson Circle (New Energy, New Consciousness ; through Ascended Master (Adamus St. Germain)). A true Shaumbra.
I follow this affiliation some time and together with the work of my other inspirators (Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza en Bruce Lipton) from whom I had the honour to accompany all of them during their events in the Netherlands, where I was a member of the event organizing staff of Bliz Events, it paved the way of Life by Design - Quantum Creators (Consciously Creating your Own Reality).   

Bruce Lipton in the Netherlands

It’s my life, I live it to the fullest and love to share the knowledge as wisdom with the world, as my contribution to the world, by radiating it, by being a standard, as an example of “Being the change”. Being a true Shaumbra.

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