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The Master's Life

Embodied Enlightenment life

Start putting all of this in perspective.

Enlightenment is easy. The challenge is staying embodied on the planet during and after Realization, because the adjustments are hardest on the physical body.

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1. Transfiguration - Enlightening the physical body
2. 'I Am Here'
3. Embodiment
4. Sensuality
5. Ahmyo
6. No More!
7. I Am Creation
8. Nova Vita - Your New Life
9. Realusion
10. Way out
The Simple Master - Allowing & And 
11. Living energy
12. Pathways to Realization 

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1. Transfiguration - Enlightening the physical body

Therefore, this first installment in the Master’s Life Series is all about the changes our biology is going through as the light body comes in. Adamus talks about the actual physics of this transformation and shares the story of the transfiguration of Yeshua, or Jesus. (“I was there, watching,” he says.) To help the trust and allowing of this natural process, he guides a profound journey of re-experiencing your very first birth into biology.


•  Body aches and pains, physical issues
•  Light body – physics, how to bring it in
•  Biological intelligence
•  Dynamics of birthing into physical reality
•  Going beyond ancestors and mass consciousness
•  Yeshua’s transfiguration
•  Your transfiguration

 2. 'I Am Here'

An important part of embodied mastery is the ability to create and experience whatever reality one chooses. This can include things like health and abundance, as well as exploring other realms and the nature of reality. The core consciousness of “I Exist, I Am Here,” becomes the point of creativity for an embodied or Ascended Master, giving them the freedom to go beyond the mind and allow every desired experience.


•  Distractions on the way to Realization
•  Where are you?
•  Expanding the flame of your consciousness
•  Being aware of multiple realities
•  Applying consciousness to abundance and health issues
•  Practical applications of being “here”
•  Choosing your experience of life

3. Embodiment

Adamus reminds us of our choice to experience Realization and stay on Earth for our embodied enlightenment. He shares some important dynamics of this choice, including how the ancestral ties and issues must be released, what happens when our very DNA undergoes such tremendous change, and the heretofore dormant senses that begin to open up. Many humans will use technology to upgrade their biology, while Shaumbra are doing so with consciousness, by allowing the light body to merge with the human biology.


•  Three foundations of enlightenment
•  The Master enters the Temple
•  Technology body vs. light body
•  Releasing ancestral issues & nature
•  Rebalancing the body, opening the senses
•  Welcoming the light body
•  The purpose and illusion of death

4. Sensuality

A sense is a way to perceive reality. Although humans believe that we have five senses, Adamus states that these “senses” are simply mechanisms of the true human sense of Focus. Living in embodied mastery means opening up beyond Focus to our forgotten senses, such as Unity, Imagination and – the greatest sense of all – Love. In fact, opening to true sensuality – or sensing beyond just our human perceptions – is the doorway to freedom, and Adamus helps explore some of these senses. 


•  Understanding what a true sense really is
•  More than 9 additional human ‘senses’
•  The TRUE human sense is Focus
•  Why you’re in Focus and how to get out
•  Angelic senses of Imagination, Unity, Beauty
•  Love – the greatest sense of all
•  Living as a sensual embodied Master

5. Ahmyo

According to St. Germain, Ahmyo is the conscious every-day realization between human and Master, “The integration of the human and the divine, the Master and the student.” Ahmyo begins with your pre-awakening. You realize something is changing, it is exhilarating, then you move through the dark night of the soul which creates the momentum that brings you into Realization. It is about allowing, which brings release, wisdom and freedom, and it happens naturally. In Ahmyo, you accept responsibility for everything that comes to your door and that happens in your life and begin to understand the physics of true allowing.


•  Conscious every-day communion between human and Master
•  Allowing in wisdom, abundance, health, relationships, more
•  Cohabitating with the Master – is the human ready?
•  It changes the way energy serves you
•  Helping the Master understand the human
•  Ahmyo physics – it changes things
•  A deep experience of allowing Ahmyo

6. No More!

Adamus addresses some of the main issues that are holding back the Realization of your mastery. The biggest of these include duality causes (such as gender equality, the environment and political battles) and suppressed anger. When you can release these, you will finally gain great clarity and true freedom. With this freedom, you are finally ready to revisit the Crystal Caves and discover a treasure that until now has been hidden.


•  Held back by your causes 
•  Letting go of the world’s problems
•  The sweet clarity of “No more!”
•  What to do about your anger 
•  Freedom: do you really want the change it brings?
•  Into the magical Crystal Caves
•  What do you see in the mirror?

7. I Am Creation

Beloved St. Germain reveals the true nature of creation – and how you can be a creator – in a way never before addressed in any spiritual, religious or philosophical materials. In this stunning presentation, St. Germain asks that you let go of all ideas and preconceptions about what you thought creation was, for I Am creation is something that has never before been experienced in the human reality. It is allowing the wisdom, integration and Realization of the Master self, and ultimately meeting the creator – you – within your creation. He makes it very clear that there is no room for wounds, fears and limitations, because applying creation principles will only embed these things deeper into your reality. In fact, this presentation is specifically for those on the path of mastery who have released old patterns and stuck energies from their lives and are now ready to allow their true creatorship to emerge.


•  The true nature of creation finally revealed
•  “I Exist” in the magical twilight desert
•  Wisdom – a most beautiful realization
•  Spiritual maturity and the Now Future
•  Understanding energy and letting it work for you
•  The absolute awe of creation…
•  Meeting the creator within its creation

8. Nova Vita - Your New Life

For those who are ready, this is the time of coming into your New Life of embodied Realization, of living now within your creation in mastery, something Adamus calls Usara (oo-sah-rah). It is a time of convergence – the gathering and integration of past lives, honoring for all you have experienced, and allowing your wisdom. It is finally time to get off the spiral of expansion and experience, go right through the center of it and dive deep into your creation. With nothing more to accomplish or strive for, the crystalline disc within will naturally bring the fulfillment of your ancient Atlantean Dream. Allow yourself to experience it fully, having tremendous compassion for your human facet and now consciously choosing the attributes of your New Life.


•  In Realization, life is completely different
•  Your crystalline disc (like imaginal disc of a butterfly)
•  “Styling” your new self
•  A grand reunion with past lives
•  Meeting yourself within your creation 
•  Profound compassion and gratitude for your human
•  No more “tomorrow anxiety”

9. Realusion 

For the embodied Master on Earth, it becomes important to understand how this reality came into being and how it can be changed. After telling the enthralling story of Carl, who is about to drown in quicksand, Adamus explains in detail how you can change any situation in which you find yourself. When you become aware of gravity, time and space each as a sensuality – a way of experiencing – it completely changes how the energy comes in to serve you. Even though ‘Adamus Physics’ goes far beyond modern science and even quantum physics, he says these disciplines are beginning to recognize how energy and matter actually do respond to consciousness, and it’s all about perception and perspective.


• Discover how reality comes into being – and how to change it
• Learn what gravity, time and space really are
• Release the “mem-brain” that’s been limiting your consciousness
• Making friends with energy
• Human physics vs. Adamus physics
• Everything is within, only YOU can change it
• Shift your perspective – it’s the wizard effect!

10. Way Out

Embodied Realization is why you’re here. In order to experience this freedom, you must allow your way out of the confines of duality, mental focus and extreme limitation. In Way Out Adamus Saint-Germain shares what he considers the three most important ways to go beyond. These are Focus, Gravity and Oneness. He also explains that you cannot get out if you’re still playing energy games, have interfering aspects, close ties with your ancestors, or are taking SSRIs. However, when these things are released, you can learn to walk out and come back as desired. Then your true passion blossoms and you become the new Merlin, a Master and friend of energy. It will also lead to your Free Energy Body or light body.

Humans have been trying to get back “Home” for eons of time, and for the few who have found their way, it was nearly impossible to remain on Earth. Now, for the first time in history, there is a group of people who are determined to do just that, and Adamus is here to provide guidance and support. He talks in depth about how to get “out” but also to come back as desired. This is our true passion, finally awakening after all the old human passions have gone away and made the space for it.


• The passion returns… finally!• Go out and come back at any time• A glimpse into a different future• Never again forget who you really are• Gravity, Focus and duality are here to serve you• Welcome Home

11. Living energy

When one recognizes that energy is not an outside force, but is rather one hundred percent in service to self, it is a turning point far more important than even awakening. Indeed, understanding the relationship between consciousness and energy fulfills the very purpose of life on this planet. Allowing this paradigm shift is not easy, for it brings up ancient doubts and questions that originated long before we came to Earth. However, as humans finally begin to understand the interaction between consciousness and energy, Merlin appears, magic comes to life, and the ancient Order of the Arc begins to dismantle, its mission accomplished. When one allows energy to truly serve in every way, what comes next is absolute freedom.
Everything in your life has an awareness of itself in service to you. To begin understanding how to work with this, Adamus explains that every physical object also exists as the “un” of itself, an expression just beyond physical reality but actually easier to connect with. It can take some time to really allow yourself to perceive energy in absolute harmony and service, but when you do, you can finally live as the Merlin, the master of energy.


  • Everything you perceive is your energy
  • It’s the biggest Point of Separation in this lifetime
  • Doubt is natural and can be a beautiful tool for clarity
  • The Order of the Arc has served its purpose
  • What’s your Energy Quotient?
  • Everything is in service to you! Can you allow it?

12. Pathways to Realization

Seekers on the road to enlightenment might be shocked to learn that there are many diverse pathways to Realization. In fact, spirituality is not the only way, and many Ascended Masters were not mystics, never meditated, and had no sense of God in their lives. Adamus Saint-Germain prefers to use “Realization” for what has been called enlightenment or ascension, because it is about realizing who you truly are beyond this illusionary reality. Until now, spirituality has been the most common path to Realization, but there are many others. In the past, these have included very difficult things like torture, suicide, and other traumas, as well as easier paths such as nature, creativity, and even impending death. In this modern era, things like physics and technology can also provide the pathway to Realization, but there are also distractions, dead ends and steppingstones along the way.

Ultimately, every Ascended Master went deep into Allowing on their way to Realization, which Adamus states is the easiest and most natural pathway of all.

Adamus Saint-Germain talks about the many pathways to Realization that have been taken by nearly 10,000 Ascended Masters, as well as some of the new pathways now becoming available. Spirituality is by far the most common and has been considered by many to be the only path. But anything that helps one go beyond the illusion of this reality and remember their true self can open the door to Realization.

A beautiful reminder for Shaumbra and an excellent overview for newcomers, this information is perfect for anyone on the journey from awakening to Realization. Adamus explains what you can expect along the way, reassures that you’re not crazy, and invites you to simply allow yourself to relax into Realization.

Master’s Life 12 is ideal for newcomers to the Crimson Circle, and for veteran Shaumbra as well. It takes away the burden of being “spiritually adept” and encourages a graceful, natural and personal path into Realization, no matter who you are or what background you come from.


  • Clear explanations of awakening and Realization
  • Ascended Master anecdotes and statistics
  • Pathways they tried but do not recommend
  • Common experiences on the way to Realization
  • Dead ends, steppingstones and easier pathways
  • What’s your pathway?

The Simple Master - Allowing & And

There are three simple principles for living the life of mastery: Allowing, And, and Death. “Allowing” does not mean being passive, but rather accepting everything that is happening within and assuming it is all serving you. “And” is opening up to the many levels of reality, and understanding it is all true at the same time. Rather than the end of physical life, conscious “death” is the freedom of ending the cycles of lifetimes and can be experienced here and now. This “embodied death” deeply changes one’s trust in self and path into Realization. Adamus discusses the ‘un’ of reality, explaining why changes and creations in the physical world seem to manifest so slowly and how to accelerate them by moving beyond duality. He also explains how to go beyond living as a local-linear human and bring every part of reality into the And of Realization, the long-desired reunion with Self.


•  Do you really choose to stay?
•  Redefining death; merabh of “new death”
•  Consciousness, energy and the mind
•  Allowing change
•  Humans, energy and power games
•  The sense of Truth
•  What’s next? It comes to you 


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