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Shaumbra- Shoud 

*Shaumbra™ - humans who have realized their own divinity and strive to embody it in their lives by being conscious creators and integrating all aspects of themselves.

The name used by Tobias and others for the group of humans going through the awakening process. Tobias claims the term originated during the times of Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), when people – many of them Essenes – would gather for secret spiritual meetings. Loosely translated in old Hebrew, the first portion of the word Shaumbra is pronounced “shau-home.” “Shau-home” means home or family. The second portion of the term is “ba-rah,” which means journey and mission. When these terms are put together, it is “shau-home-ba-rah” which means family that is on a journey and experiencing together. Tobias says that in the biblical times, a “shaumbra” was also a scarf or shawl that was worn by either male or female. It was a distinctive crimson color that let the others know it was time to meet. (pronounced Shom-bra)

*Shoud - During a Shoud, the spiritual essence of the group of listeners is gathered together by a human or a non-physical being such as Tobias. The collective message of the group is then communicated back to the group via the channeler. In simplified terms, the audience is really listening to their own inner selves. 

Every month I participate online the 'Shouds' of the current 'Shaumbra' group of the Crimson Circle. This group (all over the world) gathers almost 20 seasons (present or thru internet). 

From 2010 this information is presented by Ascended Master Adamus as a facet of Adamus St.Germain channelled through Geoffrey Hoppe of the Crimson Circle. (About them)

The video (HD .mp4) and the transcript (.pdf) of the 'shouds' are free to download from the Library on the Crimson Circle website. The Library: Click here for all the original Monthly Channels of all seasons.

When Adamus Saint-Germain assumed the role of Ascended Guide for the Crimson Circle September 2009, he made a specific request:

“I’m coming in as Adamus, for Shaumbra only, so that we can journey together into this New Energy. I’m going to be bringing my message through Cauldre, the one you know as Geoffrey (Hoppe). I have no desire and I will not do private sessions with other people. I’m choosing Cauldre – as long as he is willing and as long as he stays clear with my message – I’m choosing him to bring this in because I don’t want ten, fifteen, twenty different messengers at this time. I’m going to make my message clear, and as long as Cauldre and Linda (Hoppe) stay in clarity, stay out of ego, stay out of any energetic feeding, I will bring my messages through them to you. So, please, I do not want to hear about anyone out there, as some are already doing, claiming to be channeling Adamus. You can continue to bring in messages from Saint-Germain.”

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