~ Consciously Creating  your Own Reality! ~

Jim Self 



Interesting videos

The Fall of Consciousness

Creator wanted to know itself in its fullness. It created creator-beings who went out to create. Soon they began to create with their light instead of the Light of Creator.
Wobbles and distortions occurred. Then what? What is your role in this incredible event?

What is A lightbody?

What is the Lightbody? Is there a way to build one? Yes - Listen to the pathway to building the Living Lightbody.

What are the Third & Fourth Dimension?

What are the aspects of the third and fourth dimensions? If you understand this, it will be easier for you to move through them into the higher realms of consciousness.

What are the Higher Dimensions?

Ever wonder what your life would be like beyond the third and fourth dimensions? Listen while Jim describes the fifth, sixth and seventh and what you can create there.