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12 - Pathways to Realization

Seekers on the road to enlightenment might be shocked to learn that there are many diverse pathways to Realization. In fact, spirituality is not the only way, and many Ascended Masters were not mystics, never meditated, and had no sense of God in their lives. Adamus Saint-Germain prefers to use “Realization” for what has been called enlightenment or ascension, because it is about realizing who you truly are beyond this illusionary reality. Until now, spirituality has been the most common path to Realization, but there are many others. In the past, these have included very difficult things like torture, suicide, and other traumas, as well as easier paths such as nature, creativity, and even impending death. In this modern era, things like physics and technology can also provide the pathway to Realization, but there are also distractions, dead ends and steppingstones along the way.

Ultimately, every Ascended Master went deep into Allowing on their way to Realization, which Adamus states is the easiest and most natural pathway of all.  

Adamus Saint-Germain talks about the many pathways to Realization that have been taken by nearly 10,000 Ascended Masters, as well as some of the new pathways now becoming available. Spirituality is by far the most common and has been considered by many to be the only path. But anything that helps one go beyond the illusion of this reality and remember their true self can open the door to Realization.

A beautiful reminder for Shaumbra and an excellent overview for newcomers, this information is perfect for anyone on the journey from awakening to Realization. Adamus explains what you can expect along the way, reassures that you’re not crazy, and invites you to simply allow yourself to relax into Realization.

Master’s Life 12 is ideal for newcomers to the Crimson Circle, and for veteran Shaumbra as well. It takes away the burden of being “spiritually adept” and encourages a graceful, natural and personal path into Realization, no matter who you are or what background you come from.


1. Awakening to Realization (50:50)
After helpful explanations of both awakening and Realization, Adamus gives some interesting statistics about the current Ascended Masters, including their average number of lifetimes and some of the paths they took.

2. What to Expect (42:29)
Hear about the common experiences shared by nearly all Ascended Masters, including issues with the body and mind, loss, solitude, and something Adamus calls “PhD,” followed by a merabh of Allowing.

3. Worst Pathways (21:30)
A fairly brief message about ways that some came to their Realization, but are definitely not recommended. These include torture, drugs, insanity, suicide and various other traumas.

4. Steppingstones and Dead Ends (1:03:29)
On the way to Realization, there are many “side roads,” diversions that can be helpful steppingstones or simply dead ends that distract and delay. These include things like discipline, power, gurus, angels, prayer, religion, meditation, aliens and more.

5. Better Pathways (39:10)
In this entertaining and informative session, Adamus talks about some of the better pathways to Realization, including nature, creativity, physics, technology, spirituality, impending death and self-love, followed by a beautiful merabh.

6. The Natural Path (23:28)
Inviting you to “Relax into your Realization,” Adamus leads a beautiful merabh of Allowing, reminding that everything, everything, everything now is about your Realization.

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