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Consciousness vs Artificial Intelligence

A noted physicist said not long ago: “Consciousness has no place in science, and it should be put in the same place as dragons and fairies and unicorns.” Well he is right! Science is about things that are linear and that you can replicate (and about formulas). Science is its own form of limited consciousness. There are speculations that consciousness may be a fundamental property of nature existing outside the known laws of physics or other claims that subjective experience is simply beyond the capacity of science to explain.

 For sure we can’t stop the progress of technology/science with all their facets and in my opinion, there is already a lot going on with nanotechnology, where most of us are not aware of. I do not want to go into all kinds of conspiracy theories here, but for example, and there is quite some info on the internet, large multinationals, supermarkets are selling products full of nano-particles. As soon as the 5G network becomes active, it can be connected to the nano-particles stored in the body with which people can be influenced remotely. It is remarkable that specific the population in western society is also full of fungi.
But let us focus on AI with a side step to VR (virtual reality) to come to Consciousness.

 Russian President Putin said earlier that artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia but for the whole world. He preferred not to see that someone is monopolizing this field. The president stated that if Russia becomes the leader in the area of AI and the research into it, the country will share this knowledge with the world, as he says with nuclear technology. According to Putin, artificial intelligence offers enormous possibilities and opportunities, but he acknowledges that it also creates threats, because it is difficult to predict – and all it takes is one wrong hand.

 Elon Musk stated in a response to Putin’s remark ‘the country leading in AI will be the ruler of the world…’, that the battle of superiority in the field of AI could be the cause of a worldwar-3.
Perhaps not by a decision of a government leader, but by artificial intelligence, at the moment that the AI decides that a preemptive attack will offer the best way to victory.

 Personally, I do not think it will come to that point, since Consciousness will transcend this, perhaps not directly the collective consciousness, but as a multidimensional 5D (which we are already are part of, yet not living it) enlightened embodied being, acting as a Standard (a guiding light, one who illuminates potentials for others and also is a teacher who shares what they have learned through their own experiences. By their own example, a Standard inspires others to see what can be done.)
Acting on Earth (Old Earth as well as on New Earth) as one of the 3 new human species: homo christos (I will come back to this).

“Suffering just means you’re having a bad dream.
Happiness means you’re having a good dream.
Enlightenment means getting out of the dream altogether.”

~ Jed McKenna, Spiritual Enlightenment—The Damnedest Thing

 And according to astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, the development of full artificial intelligence may well mean the end of the human race. In a time when ’smart’ is more important than ‘wise’, these kinds of warnings are unfortunately not translated into a necessary ethical revival and action by the citizen.

 Ethics, hmmm! Some years ago, we already discussed the possible applications of VR.
The current video games such as Wargames and Grand Theft Auto are apparently allowed to our children by the most of us as a supervisory parent.
Well, was it that innocent?
The games have crime as a theme and the freedom to do what the player wants as a common factor, such as abusing accidentally passing innocent civilians. Can you imagine what these games look like in a holographic VR world? What could be the consequences? It is technically already possible, so it will be there! Btw, the best gameplayers nowadays can apply for the army as a drone pilot for the real work – seemingly unaffected killing people with a joystick.

 Another example. We build a VR environment for a pedophile, where he can run his course unrestrained. Is this OK? After all, no real children are (mis)used! But what will be the consequences in the longer term and is this ethically desirable? It is already there, we only need to make the VR porn models a little younger.

 So, virtual reality, will it be used ‘wisely’ or better ‘consciously’ or will a lot of us just ‘getting lost in VR’? In general, there will undoubtedly be people who put on the VR helmet at 8 o’clock in the morning and will hold this on until they fall asleep. ‘Living’ 24/7 in an illusionary experience in an imaginary world…

 The question is, aren’t we all already living in an illusionary holographic world, known as 3D reality.
Is VR not only an extension, an extra level to the dream we live.

“Only the ego dreams, with eyes shut or wide open”

 Life is just an experience. Reality is nothing more than an experience within a certain spectrum of energy and consciousness, often dictated by beliefs …. Evolutionism or Creationism. Makes no sense at all, but is a funny game. What is the real creation theory?
I can find myself in this definition: Consciousness wanted to create and experience, so it became!

 Less known but along the same line is the insidious danger of transhumanism. Transhumanism is an ideology that assumes that the biological evolution of man can be accelerated and transcended by modern technology. Consciousness and memory are seen by the transhumanists as products of the brain, which can be downloaded to a machine (cyborg). This creates a “spiritual machine” according to them and immortality is realized. Thus, the new, transhuman man can rule as a god over his own destiny.
I certainly don’t think so, because consciousness referred to here (as brain product) is not what is in my opinion Our Self, the True and only Self, Infinite, Indivisible, Self-aware Being referred to as Consciousness (or God in religious traditions) and referred to as “I” in common parlance.

 Also, the 3D ego/mind doesn’t have real sensual sensory feelings and creates instead emotions (drama) as a cheap knockoff and AI is doing the same, just mimicking emotions and believing its real. Like advanced robots having a pers
onality, well my car has too.robo sapiens.jpg

 Getting back to the new human species. There will be multiple new species on Earth and all at the same time. Next to our current homo sapiens (most of them being unconscious of being unconscious, still in a regular slow biological evolutionary process) there will be the homo techno (human basis with gene regulation/expression and nanotechnology, gene tinkering and implants), robo sapiens (robot based, equipped with AI, looking like humans mimicking the human nature)

 And for the balance the homo christos (of the light, clear) (human with changed DNA, starting to exist on the planet right now, quietly and slowly, and there won’t be many). Humans who have allowed, who have opened up and allowed what some would call their light body (free energy body, morphogenetic, bioluminescence) into our being. Bringing consciousness into biology (embodied enlightenment). Realization is a natural phenomenon what can’t be influenced by the human by the way.

 Consciousness will be key to our future, embodied as homo christos for the necessary overall balance, conscious of being conscious, living in spiral TimeSpace and only his/her presence will already be enough.

“This is the greatest lifetime and the greatest time of this lifetime, what we’re going through.
Don’t waste it on worrying and holding back …”

~ Adamus St Germain

 Technology will evolve anyhow. But in time, we don’t need these new technologies anymore, but they are a kind of setting the way for homo sapiens to birth New Earth
For now, it is experiencing, coming home and evolving your spirit, that is what the (human) game is all about, right?

(This article was first published, Oct. 1 2018, as my guestblog on, link to blog)

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