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The Master's Pause

The Master’s Pause – An opportunity to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and allow all your parts and pieces to catch up, integrate, rebalance and adjust. It is a time of reflection and support in this turbulent time of embodying the human, Master and divine.

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1. I AM Cleansing
2. I AM Sleeping
3. I AM Safe
4. I AM Joy
5. I AM Remembering

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1. I AM Cleansing


•  A time to stop, integrate and rebalance
•  Everything is toxic!
•  Free energy body can handle it 
•  This detox actually works (unlike most others)
•  No need for diets and potions
•  It’s so easy…

The human experience is inherently toxic. From the air we breathe to the water and food we ingest to the cell phones, microwaves and other devices we use and the news we hear, toxins are everywhere. Most of all, our thoughts are toxic. Adamus says we’ll never get rid of all the toxins, and that a certain level of toxins actually serve a useful purpose. But now, as we are allowing in the Free Energy (light) body, we have more sensitivity than ever to these toxins. And, he says, we have forgotten about allowing the natural process of release and rebalance for which our bodies are designed.

The body has many ways of cleansing itself of toxins and will naturally do so with allowing. However, when the human interferes with the process by using supplements, special diets and drinks, that natural process is slowed or even stopped. InI Am Cleansing, you are simply invited to get out of the way and allow this beautifully natural process to take place. The body knows exactly what to do and how to release stuck energy in a graceful way.

During this experience, which Adamus suggests doing on a regular basis, you might actually feel the process as it takes place within your body. Your biological intelligence will take a deep assessment of the level of toxins and other stuck energies that are within every cell of the body, and then determine when and how to release them. It is a deep and rejuvenating experience, carried on a bed of gentle, soothing music.

2. I AM Sleeping


•  Sleep like you haven’t a very long time
•  Original purpose of sleep was a return to Self
•  A Master doesn’t need much sleep
•  The soul beckons, “Come with me…”
•  Return to the compassion of the I Am
•  The Master’s sleep… just rest…

Sleep – deep, rejuvenating, refreshing sleep – can feel elusive to those on the path of embodied Mastery. As our biology and mind make big adjustments and we change our entire relationship to energy, it’s no wonder that we have times of insomnia and can’t sleep through the night anymore. Sleep was designed by the Order of the Arc so we wouldn’t get completely lost in Focus, but it’s been a long time since we’ve experienced true sleep as it was intended. In this Master’s Pause, you’re going to rediscover and experience sleeping like you haven’t had in a very long time. The energies of “I Am Sleeping” are designed to gently soothe and bring you to a place of deep, relaxing and un-mental sleep. Adamus calls it ‘the returning,’ going back into union with the “I Exist, I Am that I Am,” basking for a while in the gentleness and compassion of your soul.

After his explanation of the origins and purpose of sleep, Adamus then leads the listener deep into “sleeping in awareness.” He invites you to hear the call of the I Am, “Come with me now, on this sleepwalk, our walk of returning. Come with me to the place of sovereignty. Come with me and remember…”

It's time for a pause – a Master’s Pause – in between the rigors of everyday life and restless nights. “I Am Sleeping” is the latest in a series of Adamus-guided experiences to help Shaumbra adjust and re-tune as we come into Embodied Mastery. 

3. I AM Safe


•  To a sensitive being, feeling safe is a huge challenge
•  There’s a place you go…
•  Remember the safe space of compassion
•  Safety issues with the outer, inner and unseen worlds
•  Imagine always feeling safe…
•  Watch the profound difference in your life

For one who is becoming an embodied Master on Earth, the feeling of safety can be a huge challenge due to increased sensitivity. You become aware of so much more – other people, other energies, your own body changes, even the unseen realms. This can make it difficult to open up and fully experience life as a Master. In “I Am Safe,” Adamus explains that being safe is about being in a consciousness of compassion and allowing, bringing your personal “safe space” hideaway into this realm, and allowing your light body (Free Energy Body) to meld with your biology.

4. I AM Joy


 •  Allow the awareness of joy
 •  It changes everything
 •  Joy is a sense, a way to perceive reality
 •  Imagine being open, vulnerable and safe
 •  Feel the joy inherent in every living thing, in all of life
 •  To be alive is to be in joy!

Joy is always there. It is the natural state of any living thing and comes from deep within. The I Am and the Master self are always in a state of joy. However, in the conflicted and chaotic experience of being human, joy is often covered over, lost or forgotten. When you allow the awareness of joy to return, you return to a state of innocence, vulnerability and the safety. Whatever challenges you are facing, even pain, depression or lack, allowing the return of joy changes how energy serves you.

5. I AM Remembering


•  Remember why you’re here, your passion, your own precious name•  Remember your potentials and the beauty of life•  An experience to share with the Master•  Allowing this wisdom changes everything•  Focus, TimeSpace, gravity, experience – so many reasons to forget•  It hurts to remember too soon, but now you’re ready

As angel beings in the intense focus of human experience, we have forgotten who we are, where we came from, why we’re here – and so much more. There are many important reasons for this forgetting, but now, accompanied by the wisdom of the Master, it is time to remember. Adamus encourages the listener to invite the Master to sit right next to you in this experience, and then allow the remembrance. Remember the beauty of past lives, not only their trauma. Remember your reasons for coming here in this lifetime, not just what you’ve been told. Remember the true passion you brought in and the gnost that has always been yours. And, perhaps most beautiful of all, remember your name, a precious resonance that will connect you with your angelic senses.