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 This is NOT about selling you the next 'living ascension' workshop, but asking you to find your own truth here. It's for free and it supported me, why shouldn't it be supporting you either?! 

"There is in my opinion no difference between selling a spiritual workshop and selling a car!"

 Once the acceptance is there, the true magic begins. But the True Master understands, they really don’t have any need for magic anymore, or power, or energy from any place outside of themselves.

It becomes insignificant, and then the true Master starts laughing, and continues laughing until tears come out, amazed at how simple it all was, but amazed at how much experience that they’ve given themselves.

 The true Master is sovereign, is unto themselves, is no longer trying to save the world or hold the energy for anything.

The true Master does not go around trying to heal people. Simply because their presence is all the healing anyone would need.

 The Master, the true Master in the New Energy, walks by themselves. The true Master – totally sovereign. 

No feeding. No more stories. The true Master accepts Earth, humans, Spiritual Family and all things as they are, recognizing it’s all in perfection, recognizing that nothing can go wrong. Nothing. You can’t make wrong decisions, you know. You cannot.

You can only have experiences

The true Master, the Embodied Master, simply walks the Earth knowing that they no longer have to be here.

There’s no longer any terms of service or obligation to others. The true Master walks on Earth simply to shine their light. 

the Embodied Master still has challenges with duality, still feels the harshness of this reality, but knows they are not trapped, knows that at any moment they can simply walk out.

Are You Ready?

Watch this too!

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For those who are now in this awareness process too, I offer these 4 documents below (as a free download, click on the images). They act as a starting point and are very applicable and very supportive and Inspiring

 It's down-to-earth, to-the-point, no-nonsense, no 'spiritual' bullshit and still up-to-date. Find Your truth.

 It's all about YOU and about Loving Yourself!, making choices, allowing and trusting. Understanding that everything that you need or want is already there.

 You know that part of you that walked back from ascension, that’s already ascended, already actually kind of created that path for you, if you choose to follow that straight simple easy path. That part, who is really you, already put everything you need right on that path.
It’s just a matter of are you going to let yourself be aware of it?

 When done for yourself, that then creates this new dimension in mass-consciousness that has the potential for people who are willing to change their life, one person at a time. It has the potential to change the planet. That's why you are here - to envision for yourself this new reality, and then to share it with everyone else. That's what change this planet!

Are you a Consciousness Pioneer too?




These documents are summaries, as my reflection and therefore my essence and my truth, of monthly gatherings of Shaumbra during the last 4 seasons, for my personal use.

These gatherings were presented to the Crimson Circle featuring Adamus® Saint-Germain channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe assisted by Linda Hoppe:
The e2012 Series (Aug. '11-Aug. '12) > New Energy, New Consciousness,
The Freedom Series (Sept. '12-Aug. '13) > Freedom w. New Energy & New Consciousness
The Discovery Series (Sept. '13.- July '14) > Experiencing Enlightenment
The Kharisma Series (Aug. '14 - August '15 ) > Love & Passion

(1) New Energy - New Consciousness

 During 2011-2012 these ‘insights’ of Adamus® helped me in my awakening-awareness process in a time where New Energy and New Consciousness became ‘available’.

  I use this for my own study, my awareness-building and my (human) evolution with regard to consciousness (which, in my opinion, is the purpose of life). 

 It still supports me to be who I really am (I AM that I AM) and in my choice for Living Ascension (Natural embodied Enlightenment, Embodied Consciousness) or being a Consciousness Pioneer.

 It’s all about making choices, letting go, allowing life, trust, loving yourself and it brought me a New Me, a New Life, New Health by consciously creating my own reality and by breaking the habit of being myself/yourself. Along the way I even start thinking of co-creating things like New Economy and New Healthcare.

 The potentials as possibilities are infinite, when we start creating beyond our mind.  
In unity 1+1=100 or even 97.234, instead of 1+1=3 or 1+1=2.

(2) Freedom with New Energy & New Consciousness

 In this season, it helped me even more on my path or choice to/for Natural (embodied) Enlightenment, Embodied Consciousness and/or Living Ascension

 The first lines of the first shoud starts with “Everything right now that’s happening in your life is about freedom. Everything happening in your life is about enlightenment." 

 And this is also happening now in my life. And Freedom is an attitude.

I finally know what I want. “My passion is to teach by example on this planet, to teach how one finds their sovereignty by choosing freedom and their path to natural enlightenment. And because it’s my passion, then this will work. There is also a fund available and has always been to support your/my dreams.”

 I already did start a meeting group Network for Natural Enlightenment Support, (renamed in 2014 to Consciousness Pioneers) and will start with local meetups expanding towards a Support Center.
See also Co-creation.
The world needs Standards more than anything else now.

(3) Experiencing Enlightenment 

  The first two documents were expanding my consciousness further and supported me in my way of choosing freedom. Now, I am already experiencing True Freedom.

 This season was (and so was my journey) next to very applicable and supportive also very personal and specific and felt like reaching its climax every month.

 Every day now is about my enlightenment. This season is about discovering and Allowing the Enlightenment and Trusting. It's Mastery or nothing! Letting that passion out, letting it come forth.

 So I named this document “Experiencing Enlightenment”. And it is totally different as you ever could imagine. Also absolute incomparable with the way the old masters walked. The journey is now for them who chose to be here in this lifetime as embodied consciousness or consciousness pioneers.

The "New Energy Master", just passing through.

 Getting out of the Mind into true Knowingness, into the Essence.
The Master discovers that it's all about just allowing! It's simply to live.
To live... Live!

When you live you become a Standard for others.
When you live, you have vitality and health and abundance.
When you live, you inspire others

watch this video "You Are a Master" as a journey for the senses
and ask that you just allow for whatever to come up come up.

(4) Love & Passion 

The ‘
insights’ of Adamus® supported me in my awakening-awareness process, already since 2010, in a time where New Energy and New Consciousness became ‘available’. The first two documents were about choosing my awakening and expanding my consciousness and supported me in my way of choosing freedom.
The third document was about discovering and 
Allowing the Enlightenment and Trusting.


This season (August 2014 - August 2015 ) is really about Realization  thru SelfLove, Kharisma (giving Grace), Gratitude,  Stop Fighting Myself, Experiencing it and the Kaikho (Passion as deep inner truth) for Embodied Consciousness by ‘losing’ your body, your mind and going beyond your personality and it’s about Kasama (Your Soul Destiny), what is already within you. Already done …..
About your natural Creation ability (Kyeper).

Aware of your awereness. Being in the experience of Enlightenment.

Living and Experiencing and be in a multiplicy of realities. 

The Passion of truly wanting it and in Love with YourSelf. So I named this document “Love & Passion”. 






 All these documents are also, or still, applicable and supportive for those who are now in that awareness process too...

 ...And are part of a lot of other information and knowledge that I want to share as wisdom with the world, mainly about Consciously creating your own reality and “The Human Game/The Holographic Universe, as my contribution to the world, by radiating it, by being a standard, as an example of “Being the change”.