The Human Game


One of the metaphors I really like is: The Human Game.

When reading this I assume you are in the 'In-between' phase, making steps or trying to make steps into phase2, some of you are stuck in there for 20 years already.. This is the place/phase where I am willing to support you.

You already have taken the red pill (metaphor: The Matrix (watch here))
Where it all becomes more clear but also blurred.
Well, Real life starts Now and you can’t and don’t want to go back.

Do you really wanna step into phase 2 or do you wanna stay in the ‘In-between’ phase? Let’s make together serious steps into phase2, by expanding consciousness, letting go and loving yourself, where your HigherSelf/Universe/ AllThatIs is creating with your LowerSelf as One whatever you want, when ‘you really are who you are’ as ‘The Am that I Am’. That's what Natural Enlightenment is about and you are really designing your life in this life! Following/Shifitng to your core-frequency! In fact a process of allowing (letting in) and letting go in stead of creating! Join Us!

The Human Game
(A New and Radical Approach To Spiritual Evolution)

During Phase 1 of The Human Game, your - Expanded Self/Higher Self/Infinite I - uses all your power, creativity, and ingenuity to hide all awareness of who you really are and what your natural state is—and to keep you from finding it at any cost. Everything possible is done to convince you that the Persona and the three-dimensional playing field (see The Holographic Universe) are real, and to limit and restrict you more and more until you’re absolutely convinced you’re the exact opposite of who you really are. (see The Human Game Rules)

Phase 1 of The Human Game is designed to take you to the point where you feel enormous frustration and pain, where you start to feel incomplete, like something’s wrong, that there must be more to life, that something else must be going on that you don’t know about. Reaching that point at a very high level of intensity is the signal you’re ready to move into Phase 2 (or at least expand your view of what’s possible for yourself).

After forgetting who you really are and deeply immersing yourself in severely limiting and restrictive experiences in Phase 1 of The Human Game, your Expanded Self starts nudging you into Phase 2.

At that point, ('In-between phase') you begin to feel incomplete, like you’re missing something, like nothing makes sense any more, like there must be something else going on you don’t know about. You then start looking for answers and a higher purpose for your life.

At that point, you still don’t remember who you really are or how much power, wisdom, and abundance you actually possess, but you begin searching for The Truth nevertheless. Your Expanded Self then flips roles, takes you on the Treasure Hunt of the Century and supports you in reclaiming all the power, wisdom, and abundance you hid in Phase 1.

Everything in Phase 2 is the exact opposite of the way it is in Phase 1.
(see The Human Game Rules)


Abundance is who you really are. It’s your natural state. Remember what the quantum physicists say: The Field - Unlimited power and infinite possibility.
(Joy, Ecstasy and Abundance)

You don’t have to “create” financial abundance. It’s already there. It always was. You just hid it from yourself. In Phase 2, you simply rediscover and open into it.

Everything in your hologram is unreal. Everything is just a belief.

This is also the explanation of why positive thinking, affirmations, and other popular self-help strategies and techniques don’t work consistently. You can think positive thoughts, visualize, or affirm all day long, but if your Expanded Self doesn’t create a pattern in The Field that matches what you appear to be thinking, visualizing, or affirming, and add enormous power to it, it can’t pop into your hologram. It doesn’t matter how many times you think it, how many times you visualize the outcome manifesting, how many times you repeat an affirmation to yourself or hear it on tape, or how much you as the Persona believe it to be true. It’s going to fall flat without a corresponding change to a pattern in The Field.

In Phase 1, you want to make bad feelings go away.

In Phase 2, you say “bring them on” so you can reclaim your power from the ‘limiting eggs’ you installed in The Field.


In Phase 1, you told yourself over and over, ad infinitum, “money is real, the checking account is real, the numbers are real, The Money Game is real.”

In Phase 2, you reverse the process and repeat to yourself over and over, “It’s an illusion, it’s an illusion, I’m creating it, I’m creating it,” as you reclaim your power from it.


Excerpts from “Busting loose from the money game” – Robert Scheinfeld

(You will find it here in my e-book library, under Scheinfeld, Robert


The ones that stand up front, that finally get it, that are never worried about money anymore, their health or relationships or any of that, they’re the ones who are going to say, “Yes, it is true! I was already ascended, but I was acting like I wasn’t. I was going through the experience of what it was like to get to ascension, and I thought I didn’t really have a choice about how I was going to experience it.”

The fact is, indeed, you do have a choice.
You want to do it as a writer?
You want to do it as a clown?
You want to do it as a holy person?
Do you just want to do it for fun, enjoying life? You see.
Isn’t it amazing, isn’t it beautiful to be on Earth? It is absolute … 

Excerpt from New Energy, New Consciousness. Download it from the Support! page. 

(You will find it also in my e-book library, at Vousten, Geert


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