Perpetual Rejuvenation through Mastering Opposites

The art of rejuvenation, unknown to the masses, has long been practiced with varying degrees of success, in the mystery schools of the world. Locked away from corrupting influences of man, these mystics have attempted to disengage from the grid that programs the death and life cycles of man.

These practitioners of the rejuvenation methods, well-kept secrets of the ancients, were sometimes encountered by outsiders who attested to the virility and strength of the masters, even at very advanced ages.

There are three stages of overcoming death and decay known through the ages, each mastering one of the stages of linear change. In order to understand them, we must first be aware that life spirals around and around a triangle of three very distinct stages of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration.

1. Transformation: This stage takes place when we are in the process of shedding the old and the obsolete. Growth is slow during this stage because it follows a mathematical sequence (the Fibonacci sequence). Life is the largest stage an individual lives that is transformational. Life is lived in white light.

2. Transmutation: This stage has leveraged growth because it is alchemical in nature, following an alchemical sequence, not a mathematical one. Death (or life in the spirit world) represents the largest transmutational cycle. It is lived in black, or etheric, light.

3. Transfiguration: Having become more etheric, and having raised in frequency during the previous stage, the transfiguration of the individual is the inevitable next stage. The body and its fields transfigure in order to hold more light to match the increased frequency.

The largest transfigurational stage is ascension. The individuation and self-awareness is retained, but the form is not necessarily kept. These realms have what is known as grey light (traditionally known as “Heaven” because of having no burdens commonly associated with physicality – the sensual joys are also not present and growth is almost non-existent).

In mastering transformation (the physical), life can become prolonged for about 10,000 years. It is known as immortality.

In mastering transmutation (the soul), life can be prolonged to about 100,000 years. It is known as incorruptibility.

In mastering transfiguration, life can be continually rejuvenated. It is known as perpetual rejuvenation (the spirit).

The Principles of Rejuvenation

1) Immortality

  • As part of mastering transformation (which purifies by getting rid of the old), the master of immortality must delay the ultimate purification rite – death.
  • In a heightened state of awareness, the master watches every detail of his or her life for mirrors of what needs to be purified within, constantly living in a state of overcoming blind spots and growing in perception.
  • Perception increase feeds the individual more and more light, which feeds the body resources (prolonged life) and depletes the soul. The call of the soul for the individual to come to the spirit world (death) becomes more and more feeble.
  • Because two opposite poles, such as life and death, can only delay alternating their expression so long before stagnation sets in, life must eventually yield to death.


2) Incorruptability

  • When life has been lived and soul demands its share, either in increments (aging) or in a lump sum (death), the incorruptible master changes the rules of the game.
  • When the paradigm of life is a small one, the game takes place in a small circle - the poles are close together and they have smaller intervals between alternating dominance. When death comes knocking, the incorruptible master increases the parameter of the paradigm he or she is living.
  • Increased frequency yields perception and increased perception yields frequency. The master now enters into intense frequencies of love, praise and gratitude, or sees more than ever before.
  • The parameter can only be pushed so far until eventually death must be able to get its share of existence. The only way to sidestep this eventual limit (like a rubber band that can stretch no further), is to move into transfiguration.

3) Perpetual Rejuvenation

  • Transfiguration moves between form and formlessness, a principle that can be utilized to ‘rebirth’ the actual physical body over and over again.
  • When the body alternates between form and formlessness, instead of life and death, it has chosen another opposite. Death now has no opposite to pulse with – a necessary energy source for opposites – and yet again grows weaker.
  • Death now creates opposition (from our ‘higher’ self in the spirit world) to wear us down. It then promises us ‘rest’ in the after-life.
  • The transfigurational sequence is 1, 0, Ø, -1, Ø, 0, 1 (the positive numbers being formed life and the negative numbers formlessness).
  • The master uses perception to make a massive leap out of his paradigm (circle of expression) so that it far exceeds the level of frequency. The master then goes into complete emptiness and allows his stretched perception to shoot back, thrusting him into formlessness of spirit.
  • Because the solidity of physical life takes up a lot of resources to maintain, life in formlessness has much more resources available and accessible. As the master returns, he rejuvenates his body through the resources he brings with him.
  • Only a few seconds may have passed in physical life, but the master may have rested for months in the timelessness of spirit. As he increases in mastery, the ability to change the appearance of his form may also be achieved.

These techniques no longer belong to the hidden teachings of mystery schools. The fear that they can be misused is unfounded, since they are based on the increase of pure frequencies and light. They are where they belong: as the birthright of man.

The soul can be nourished by incorporating the principles of the heart into our everyday life; through the holy marriage of matter and soul.