Double Slit Experiment

The only thing about Quantum Physics you really have to know is the "Double Slit Experiment"...

One potential revelation of this experience is that “the observer creates the reality.” 

For me there is no doubt that we (as a conscious beings) are constantly creating our (own) reality (our YOU-niverse)

..Changing a possiblity (wave of infinite possibilities/probalities) into one (your) reality (matter, particles) by observing it. Observed by something/someone with consciousness. (Observing includes looking, measuring, thinking, belief, perception, awareness, intention, attention and expectation... consciously as well as subconsciously...)  

 By doing this mostly subconsciously, it gives us, human beings the impression that we don't have any influence on it. If we are conscious, fully aware of our consciousness... bringing (most of) our subconscious to the conscious level.. we become conscious creators! 



Some videos which are relatively easy to comprehend: