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A Master is one who is conscious of their consciousness. They are aware. That’s pretty much it. They’re aware. You can throw in a lot of other words – enlightened and everything else – but it’s really the awareness.
Most humans, they know that they are living. Even though they’re desperately trying to have feeling in their life, life in their life, they know they’re living through their suffering, through their lack, through things they don’t have. Oh yes, at times through romance and love and accomplishment, but mostly, mostly they’re not aware of themselves.
They’re not conscious of their consciousness.
Indeed, they get up in the morning and go about their routines – routines that have been very deeply programmed in – but never, if very seldom, do they stop and say, “Ah, I exist. I Am. I Am.

The Master – the Master knows they are conscious, conscious of their consciousness. It’s that simple. A simple, simple awareness – “I Am. I exist. Here I am, nothing else matters. Not what came before me, not what happened in another lifetime, not what happened yesterday. It doesn’t matter. I Am in this moment.” That’s a Master.

(Excerpt from Adamus' Shoud "Discovery 6" from The Discovery Series, February 1, 2014)

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"You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, Doubt and Disbelief. Free Your Mind!"

What does it mean? It doesn’t mean anything. Everybody falls the first time…”

Neo’s first jump.. (The Matrix 1999!)

Consciousness Pioneer

Best Job in the World (Article for Geoffrey Hoppe, Shaumbra Monthly Magazine, July 2014) 

What do you do for a living? I know many Shaumbra who are doctors and psychologists, healers and software programmers. Some work in a government job or teach at a university, while others are graphic designers or accounting managers. Quite a few Shaumbra are retired, and a surprising number of Shaumbra have their own business. 

I have one of the best jobs in the world. I work with a dedicated team of New Energy professionals at the Crimson Circle here in Colorado, USA. The Crimson Circle doesn’t have an office; the staff works from their homes. After many decades of driving back and forth to work and putting up with corporate office dynamics, it’s a blessing to work with this team and from my home. I get to travel around the world with Linda, meet amazing Shaumbra and see places I never imaged. I work long hours but it’s always a joy because I’m in my true passion. Plus, my boss is an angel. 

Whether you’re a construction worker or an architect, an engineer or physicist, this is not your real job. It’s a way to make a living, pay your bills and perhaps express your talents.

Your real job is a Consciousness Pioneer. It’s the best job in the world.

A Consciousness Pioneer is one who explores new realms of consciousness and awareness. Not many humans have this title; most are content with following their old karmic and destiny paths. They shudder at the very thought of exploring new levels of consciousness, if they even know what consciousness is. In fact most people are unconscious about consciousness. A quick Google search shows that there are 26 million results for a search on the word consciousness, compared to 191 million results for religion, 235 million results for soccer, 686 million results for fashion, 714 million results for money and 761 million results for sex. 

A Consciousness Pioneer dives into new feelings, thoughts and emotions. At some point they go beyond thinking and emotion, deep into sensual awareness. They break out of Mass Consciousness limitations, going into the unexplainable and incomprehensible. They imagine the unimaginable and create new levels of consciousness. 

The Consciousness Pioneers do this within and for themselves. They often think they are doing this for some internal resolution to their problems and issues but in reality they are doing it because of a deep desire for more, to go beyond, to experience something besides the old and mundane.
Although the Consciousness Pioneer does not do their job in order to save the world or to be spiritual social workers, their work has a profound impact on… everything. 

They poke holes in the ceiling of Mass Consciousness so that others may eventually break free of their barriers. By exploring the Unknown and Uncreated they set the standard for others who one day may choose their liberation. 

Not just anyone can be a Consciousness Pioneer. It requires lifetimes of looking within, peeling away layer upon layer of old beliefs and wounds, accepting responsibility for your creations, not following gurus or using old sacred books as a crutch, and never taking yourself too seriously. A sense of humor is one of the main job requirements. A sense of compassion is also very high on the list. Compassion, as defined by Tobias, is “accepting all things as they are.” Adamus would say it as “All is well in all of Creation.” One of the most challenging requirements is discernment, especially the understanding that “It’s Not About Me.” Most Consciousness Pioneers check this box when applying for the job but really have no idea what it means until they are well into their consciousness career.


While being a CP is the best job in the world, it has it’s drawbacks. At times it’s a lonely job. There are monthly Shouds and occasional live workshops but for the most part you’re on your own. It’s a “sole” job, or perhaps “soul” job. You’ll have the strong tendency to take in nearly everything as your own, meaning that you’ll feel everything around you but assume it must be coming from within you. Sooner or later you’ll learn that the only thoughts or feelings that are yours are the one you are consciously choosing, but even the Ascended Masters had a hard time with this. 

Those who are energy vampires need not apply. If you linger in the victim energy you’ll never break out of old patterns, energy feeding or lower levels of Mass Consciousness. 

Caution: At times there will be an overwhelming tendency to think you’re going crazy. In a way you are, because you’re learning to go beyond the norms of the mind, linear reality and complacency. As a CP your mind will try to relate your new experiences to things from the past, but they simply won’t apply. After massive bouts with craziness and perhaps even depression you’ll finally learn to tell your old mind, “Shut Up!” And it eventually will, especially if you activate your sense of humor. 

The pay doesn’t really matter for a CP. Research has shown that CPs will actually PAY to be one rather than receive pay because the true rewards are at a level that simply cannot be measured in money. (Update: CPs are now finding that they are worthy to receive more pay from their “make-a-living” jobs. Go figure.)  
Consciousness Pioneer -  Consciousness Pioneers - Conscious Creation - Life by Design - Master New Energy
The ultimate frontier for a CP is freedom. It’s the realization of the 
I Am. It’s being free of illusions, relying on others, karma, distractions, limitations and the past. Once this freedom is realized and embodied, the Consciousness Pioneer adds a new line to their business card: FREE TO BE ME.


Footnote: While writing this article I did a quick web search on the Internet URL (domain name) for “” To my surprise and delight it was available. I guess it was just waiting for us, or perhaps nobody else had the consciousness to own it up to now. Michelle MacHale registered the domain along with it’s .org, .net and .us iterations and has tentatively pointed them to the Crimson Circle website. If you have any suggestions for how we can use please post them on the Crimson Circle Facebook group page.


By Geoffrey Hoppe - Shaumbra Monthly, July 2014)


Footnote2: At July 1st, 2014 I (Geert Vousten – ) registered domain “”, as the Dutch component of the Conscious Pioneers.
At September 3rd, 2014 I (Geert Vousten – ) registered domain “”, as the European component of the Conscious Pioneers.

Consciousness Pioneer -  Consciousness Pioneers - Conscious Creation - Life by Design - Master New Energy

The Crimson Circle Creed

 The Crimson Circle acknowledges the inalienable sovereign spirit of the individual. We realize that humanity has entered a period of expanded consciousness.
Many humans have a deep desire to experience themselves, free of limited beliefs imposed by their past or other people, and with the freedom to create as they choose, to love themselves and others, and to experience life in joyful abundance.

 Crimson Circle is in service to those who are allowing their divine integration by making inspiring information easily accessible through venues, whether in the physical or virtual dimensions, where beings of kindred spirit can experience community and acceptance without formal rules or structures or membership.

 Our loving service is to provide ongoing guidance and support for humans around the world to experience and embody their mastery.

And so it is. (source)