Community Co-Creation


Life by design is organizing teamwise reflections, in unity within a Network (Meetup-group) of Consciousness Pioneers, one-on-one as well as in groups.

Meetup Group Consciousness Pioneers
From local meetups eventually expanding towards a Support Center!
(In unity 1+1=100).   


Please Join!

The world needs Standards more than anything else now. 


Toward a Life of Self-Empowerment
Through diligent use of our consciousness, we can create lives expressing everything from sublime health to disease.
We are no longer victims of forces outside ourselves, nor can we continue to blame such external forces for characteristics and attitudes that we ourselves can change.

To secure the future we desire, we must empower ourselves with the knowledge of who we truly are—conscious co-creators of our destiny, who are each cells in a new organism called Humanity.

We must change our mission from one based on survival of the individual to one that encompasses survival of the species. With an understanding of how our programming shapes our lives and with the knowledge of how we can change that programming, we can rewrite our destiny.